Welcome to my.az.gov (beta)

Helping Arizona citizens, businesses and employees access the information and services they need anywhere, and at any time.
Arizona is creating a new service, called my.az.gov, that will help all Arizonans find the information and services they need across Arizona Government. Rather than organizing services around the agencies that deliver them, my.az.gov will organize services around the needs of Arizona citizens, businesses and employees, helping them to get the information they need, when they need it.
In particular, citizens and businesses have a fundamental problem navigating Arizona Government’s myriad of resources across hundreds of different websites. It can be difficult to locate information about services available in a particular neighborhood, to find the correct forms to start a business, or to get the status of a license application. The team at my.az.gov is working to solve these problems. The project team will build and beta-test new features and tools with the purpose of modernizing the way Arizona Government interacts with its constituents.
my.az.gov will save people and businesses time when transacting with the government, increase awareness of available government services, and speed up notifications and updates. my.az.gov has the potential not only to save Arizonan’s time and money, but to dramatically change how they communicate with and view their government.